Missions and Scopes


Asian Leopard Specialist Society is based in Iran and currently conducts research, monitoring and conservation programs specifically addressing the Persian leopard. Now we are working on:

- Establishing the Persian Leopard National Network for the purpose of participatory conservation of the leopard in Iran MORE

- To establish a national monitoring system based on the actual local conditions, available local capacities, new and well operated research and monitoring methodologies worldwide

- To develop and update research-based conservation and management action plans specifically addressing the Persian leopard status in Iran (national and local scale) MORE

- To conduct research-based and local scale conservation programs according to the identified priorities and long term conservation and management scopes and strategies identified in the Persian Leopard National Action Plan in Iran MORE

- To provide the opportunities for involvement of local students, recently graduated researchers, local people in leopard habitats and those of related fields in leopard programs for the purpose of training, capacity building and participatory conservation and monitoring

- To conduct research projects based on the priorities and information required for relative management and conservation programs

- To conduct empowerment, training, capacity building, education and awareness raising programs according to the ALSS missions and scopes

- Regular status assessment of the Persian leopard in Iran MORE

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