About ALSS Online Store

Most recently, we established an online store to provide ALSS new cultural and educational products. This will support our ongoing leopard programs in Iran. The products are mainly in 2 categories of books and guidelines that we have produced mostly for the members of the Persian Leopard Online Portal. Another category of ALSS products is "Kimils and Carpets":

 - Traditional Kilim & Carpet Weaving

First, there are traditional mental weaving of Kilims and Carpets by nomads and local people which are being produced for a long history, generation to generation. Each symbol presented in the Carpets and Kilims, has its own roots and meanings. Carpet and Kilim weaving is very attached to the natural elements, it is environmental friendly and is a traditional source of income for the nomads and local people. These art crafts enable the communities to document the state of their living environment at each time.



- ALSS Kilim-Carpet Collections

We had studies on history and various aspects of carpet weaving in different regions of Iran across the leopard range. Accordingly, our expert team has produced new designs on the basis of the traditional roots and meanings. Our first collection with 3 Kilim-Carpet products is available for sale in ALSS online store. Currently, the store is available only in the Persian language and we are in the progress of developing an English version of the store. However, you are most welcome to contact us for any query concerning our products via our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; Telegram: @LeopardConservation or WhatsApp: +98 915 4833759.